The Effects of Online Dating on Our Society

Today, up to 1 out of every 4 couple met online. Dating sites like Tinder and have therefore, to a great extent, replaced more traditional ways of meeting people. More and more, people seem to be distancing themselves more from the people they are surrounded by, instead turning to the Internet to find love.

At first glance, this may seem to be a bad trend with the potential of alienating people from each other. But according Michael Rosenfeld, to a Stanford researcher who has studied online dating for years, this is not the case. In a recent article on the Washington Post blog, Rosenfield talks about how the age of marriage has risen over the years. Today, the average age at which people in our country get married is in the high 20s. This means there is a greater number of years when people date without necessarily having marriage in mind. Online dating allows daters of all ages to be more selective about who they date. If you were restricted to finding someone just within the circle of people who know, your choices are greatly limited, and you can not be too picky. With online dating, however, you can find someone to date no matter how unique your preferences may be.


Moreover, it seems that people who use dating sites progress to marriage faster than those who meet in more traditional ways. Rosenfield believe this is mainly due to two things. First, it's easier to find someone that meet the exact characteristics you want in a parter by using an online dating site. So the matches that occur have a better probability of working out to begin with. Second, there seems to be more communication between people online during the initial phases of the relationship. And because information is available in the profiles, it is often possible to get to know your potential partner more quickly.

So despite the doubts many have about online dating, it would appear that most concerns are unfounded. For the most part, online dating just seems to be the latest and most high-tech means of finding a date, and not necessarily something that is inferior or less preferable to older methods of getting hooked up.

The most popular sites today seem to be Tinder and Of the two, I usually end up recommending more, because to me, it seems to be a meatier website as far ad dating sites go. On Tinder, you are encouraged to make snap judgments based on photos., however, allows you to take a more comprehensive approach to finding a date. If you want to join, one great way to get started is by using the free trial offer available at You can get the latest offer by going to This offer will let you join the site, set up a profile, and communicate with other people for 72 hours. That should be a sufficient amount of time for you to determine whether or not you like the site enough to sign up for a membership.