Paying less for Ink – two methods I use

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of money you spend on printer ink, this article is for you. For some time now, I have used two methods to get ink cartridges much cheaper than what most other people pay. The key is to stay away from brand new OEM cartridges and find alternatives instead.

ink cartridgesFor those of you who don’t know, OEM cartridges are printer ink cartridges that are manufactured by the same maker as the printer. For an HP printer, for example, an OEM cartridge would be an HP cartridge. However, these aren’t the only types of cartridges you can buy.

There are also companies that create something called a compatible cartridge. These are also new cartridges, but the big difference is that they are not made by the original manufacturer? Does this make them a bad choice? Not at all. In my experience, compatible cartridges work just as well as brand new OEM cartridges. But as an added benefit, you pay much less for these kinds of cartridges. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for you to purchase these compatible cartridges instead of OEM cartridges. You can find a great selection of compatible cartridges if you go to Inkfarm. You can get an Inkfarm coupon from

The other option for cheap cartridges is to buy remanufactured cartridges. In this case, you are actually buying OEM cartridges, but they are used or empty cartridges that has had new ink injected into them. Once again, you can find these cartridges online from stores like Inkfarm, and they tend to be heavily discounted compared to brand new cartridges.

So which type of cartridge should you choose? Remanufactured cartridges on the whole tend to be the least expensive, but the downside is that in some rare instances, they could pose some minor problems for your printer. For example, I sometimes have trouble getting my printer to recognize a remanufactured cartridge as being full. For this reason, I generally select compatible cartridges when I’m buying ink cartridges for myself.